In an interview with NexTV News India, Uday Reddy, CEO of YuppTV revealed that the company is planning to launch its service in the Middle East regions to better serve the Indian diaspora. Commenting on the arrival of Netflix in India, Uday Reddy said that the US streaming service does not represent a threat to YuppTV.

    • Q.Can you give a brief overview of YuppTV’s activities in India?
    • A. YuppTV was founded in 2006 with a vision to deliver value of watching TV to customers anytime anywhere. We focus in delivering our commitment to customers across Video and Entertainment services. YuppTV is a subscription based platform that enables fast streaming of high quality TV channels, Live and VODs, TV shows and movies on multiple Internet enabled devices like connected TV, PC, gaming consoles, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Smartphones etc. YuppTV broadcasts Live TV channels, Catch-up TV, TV Shows and unlimited movies in many languages globally. YuppTV’s catalogue comprises of more than 200 TV channels and 5000 movies that can be downloaded and stores on cloud. Currently, we have around 8 million users visit our services.

    • Q.Digital platform is booming in India and around the world, what are the strategies of YuppTV for the year and in the coming years?
    • A. The OTT industry is at a very nascent stage in India and new players and existing players are trying to get a piece of the market share. YuppTV is a proven model in US and has been doing well for the expat community from UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Our mission is to make the service simple and available anywhere and anytime. We have a variety of content that have enable us to develop a much richer relationship with our subscribers. Our strategy is to continuously add new contents that best suit our subscribers need. The OTT sector is a very dynamic one and to keep pace with, we need to constantly innovate and renew our offer.

    • Q.Is the entrant of international players like Netflix going to shake the OTT industry in India?
    • A. The arrival of Netflix in India is a good thing and this is going to change consumer habits toward OTT offer. If you want good and exclusive content, subscribers need to pay for the service. While Netflix’s initial strategy to give a month’s worth of subscription free is a great idea to get early signups and more importantly, create a customer database. On the other hand, Netflix need to strike deals with local content creators and movie studios to be able to survive in India. Having said that, I’m of opinion that Netflix’s arrival is a step forward towards having more paid OTT services and do not represent a threat for YuppTV.

    • Q.YuppTV have been expanding rapidly during the last years, are you planning to launch the service in other regions?
    • A. We have been very aggressive in our expansion plan in the last past years and we are continuing on this track. We are studying various markets and are planning to launch our offer in the Middle East where the Indian diaspora is present.

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