An MSO alliance comprising of top MSOs in India that includes giants like DEN Networks, Hathway Cable & Datacom, Siti Digital Cable Television and InCableNet, have now launched a new public awareness campaign to educate the public about billing. They have taken the initiative to let subscribers know that they will have to be billed according to their chosen TV packages from December 2013 onward.

MSO Alliance secretary and DEN Networks CEO S.N Sharma said, “This move is important as it will ensure that there are no additional or random charges levied on the subscribers. Our viewers will thus pay only for what they watch and they must insist on a bill from their local cable operator or MSO at the time of monthly payment.” The campaign was run in top papers in the country.

The broadcasting regulator, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has told MSOs to complete their customer application form (CAF) collection and start billing from December. It has also noted that subscribers will get 15 days from the time of having gotten their bills to make the payment. This only effects MSOs functioning in regions coming under Phase I and Phase II of digitisation.

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