The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has suspended the licenses of three TV channels for traducing the court judges, as well as broadcasting reckless analysis and comment against the judiciary.

The three channels which have been penalised are Din News, Neo TV and Sach TV. Din News has seen its TV license suspended for period of thirty days with a fine of 1 million INR (14557.1 USD). The reason put forward is the broadcasting of comments proved to be inappropriate and insulting against the judiciary.

Neo TV was also fined with 1 million INR and suspended for seven days. This resulted due to a program (hosted by Ahmed Qureshi) where honourable judges were slandered with comments. On the other hand, Sach TV was also penalised with 1 million INR for broadcasting comments against a judge on a live program.

The decision taken by PEMRA will be implemented as from the beginning of December. When the suspension comes to an end, the channels will have to air an apology for their misconduct in a transparent manner.

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