Muvi, a cloud based multi-screen OTT video streaming platform for video content revealed about the introduction of a new feature. It consists of a free add-on called Muvi Playout-An online TV scheduler.

With the new feature, customers will be able to introduce their very own OTT TV channels and can digitally distribute it throughout the web, mobile and TV on the spot, at their own convenience. Users will as well be the owners of the TV network with several channels which run all kinds of genres ranging from devotional to movies, music, sports and TV shows. Platform owners will not have to pay for an extra charge for the videos which are already available on-demand in their collection since they will be repurposed and recycled.

Viraj Mehta, the Head – International Business at Muvi: “The new feature comes with the thought of allowing platform owners one more way of engaging with their audiences”.

“We believe in providing the complete viewing experience for both the viewers as well as platform owners and having an option to playback scheduled content just like a TV on an OTT Platforms will certainly appeal the viewers who don’t want to spend time in searching and to platform owners who want to showcase their content instantly”, he further added.

Content owner will have the ability to track, make changes and scrutinise their live TV performance and behaviour of their users. Muvi Playout allows its users the possibility of creating live channels according different geographies with an automatic guide for viewers with a time-zone selector.

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